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10 Ways You’re Throwing Money Down the Drain

Open your wallet, take out a $5 bill, light it on fire, and throw it away. That’s pretty much the process of buying a Starbucks latte when you could make something similar at home! Money down the drain. Here are a few other habits that are costing you!

  1. Shopping at full price – May I please introduce you to the Old Navy clearance section?! I’ve found items for less than a dollar on multiple occasions!
  2. Netflix – Now, I wouldn’t dare tell you to cancel it, but consider sharing an account with family or friends and split the monthly fee!
  3. Eating out – This is great for weekend nights out, but you could eat for a quarter of the price at home! Check out this article on the cost of Eating Out vs. Dining In!
  4. Ordering soda – Ok, ok. So you went out. Save where you can by drinking water. Sodas can cost upwards of $3 a pop – and it might not even include refills! Here are a few other tips for saving money when dining out.
  5. Name brand makeup – Walmart now sells NYX, enough said! Also, check out these Drug Store Dupes that are just as good as their name brand competitor.
  6. Pumping gas – Fill up your tank! It cost more to fill it up a little at a time than to fill it all at once.
  7. Cable/Satellite TV – By the time you pay for Netflix, Hulu, and a television streaming service, you’re still paying less than a cable bill! Cut the cord! ✂️
  8. Bottled water – A reusable bottle and a good filter will save you big!
  9. Cleaning Supplies- The 99¢ Store has bleach, y’all! Who’s going to tell the difference between name brand and generic bleach – as long as it gets the job done!
  10. Buying in small quantities – Don’t just buy it “as you need it,” especially if it’s a non-perishable! Buying in bulk saves you more than you know! Divide the price by the total amount to find what exactly you’re spending! Here are a few tips for bulk online shopping.

Making a record of the costs of these things may scare you! Try making some small changes and see how much you are able to save!

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