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Shopaholics Anonymous: Curb Impulse Spending and Start SAVING!

It’s Monday, and there’s a million and one things that you just HAVE to have right now! Kohls is having a sale and Amazon just emailed you about a great deal! Unfortunately, you have bills to pay and necessities to save up for and spending your hard earned cash on non-essentials won’t help you reach your goals. Here are some easy ways to stop yourself from mindless spending!

  • Get rid of those email subscriptions! For me, if Bath and Body Works shows me a great deal, I will take them up on that offer whether I have the money to spend or not!
  • Limit your online “window” shopping! If you spend a lot of time gazing over endless pages of great clothing, chances are you’ll cave.
  • Focus on your priorities. Remember that you may have some larger expenses coming up! Buying that new handbag you don’t really need might derail your plans!
  • Keep what you absolutely need to spend in your checking account and throw the rest into savings. If you can’t see it available, you probably won’t try to spend it!
  • One tip I always use when clothes shopping, is to put it back on the rack and go home. This gives me time to actually think about it. If a few days later I am still thinking about the item or feel that it was truly a good deal, then it may be worth going back for and I know that I did not buy it impulsively!
  • Utilize those coupon apps! If you are having a tough time deciding whether something is a good deal or not, search for coupons to help you spend even less! Here’s a link to a list of the top 8 couponing apps to save you money while you shop!

Focus on your personal budget and remember your responsibilities. Keeping that at the forefront of your mind will help you think logically when coming across something that you really want!

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