Planning a Trip

It’s July! Did you travel during July 4th weekend? I wanted to travel, but traveling during the holiday isn’t very ideal to me. There’s always traffic when I hit major cities and the hotel rates tend to go up. So every year, I like to travel the weekend after July 4th. I’ve been planning for this trip since the beginning of June, so I’m super excited! This is how I usually plan for my summer trips.

Pick a destination — Do you have a place in mind? If not, then ask your family members to each write down where they would like to go, place them in a jar or hat, and randomly pull one out. Ta-da! Your new summer vacation destination.

Google Map

Scout for deals — Once you have a destination, scout out the hotel, transportation, restaurants, entertainment, etc. deals around that area. I found a great hotel deal on Groupon for this trip! You can also find great deals on LivingSocial too.

Plan out your drive — How are going to get there? For this trip we’re driving, so I made sure the car we’re taking is ready to go (you don’t want to get stranded on the side of the road). After getting maintenance, we sat down and planned out our road trip. Where we want to stop and how long it would take us to get to our final destination.

Pack for the trip — Check the weather before you go, so you’ll know what clothes you need. I’m staying by a lake this weekend, so I should bring a light jacket (just in case it gets a little chilly at night) and my bathing suit!

When planning on a trip, make sure to read all the fine print on all of your deals. Double check your plans so you don’t miss out on anything. A huge thing to keep in mind is…let everyone have a chance to voice their input.

Did you or are you traveling this summer?