Being Creative During the Holidays by Re-purposing

Are you ready to get a head start on preparing and shopping for Christmas? The biggest holiday of the year is coming faster than we know. Christmas is the time of year to travel, get together to bake delicious sweets, and spend quality time with your loved ones over a nice meal. It’s just like Thanksgiving all over again, but even better! I know I am ready and excited. The earlier you plan and prepare, the less stress you will have during the holiday. Here are a few tips on how you can relax a little when you are preparing delicious sweets for your family.

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Uncooked spaghetti as frosting protector: After decorating your cake and admiring how wonderful it turned out to be, you’re stumped on a dilemma — how am I going to wrap this up to go to my Aunt Susie’s house? Instead of going out and buying a cake container, use uncooked spaghetti. Poke a few spaghetti sticks in the surface and sides of the dessert before wrapping it to keep the icing decoration from messing up.

Marshmallow as candle holder: This is a sweet way to keep the dripping wax from hitting the cakes and cupcakes — mini marshmallows. Stick each candle in a mini marshmallow before placing them on the cake and you have a little wax-catcher that’s easy to remove.

Aluminum foil as pie-crust protector: When baking a home-made pie, my greatest fear is burning the crust. So I just take a piece of foil and wrap the crust which prevents it from burning.

Holidays don’t have to be stressful as long as you pull out your creative side and re-purpose items within your home. Plus, you’ll save money and time. There are a lot of things around your house that can be re-used for something else; you just have to be creative. Christmas shopping may be inevitable, but you can lessen the spending by re-using some items. It’s worth the effort.

To find out more ways to re-purpose items around your house, check out my Pinterest board: Re-purposed Products.