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5 Stores to Shop for Fashion on a Budget

Whether you just had a job change, lost some holiday weight, or just know you are WORTH a new wardrobe, you may need (or want) an updated closet! Shopping around the mall and online can be expensive, with shipping being an added cost. Here are 5 stores that you can definitely score for less at!

  1. Ross – You can find great name-brand clothing and shoes such as NIKE, Calvin Klein, Michael Kors, and so much more for so much less! The best news is that every store is different so if you can’t find anything, try a different location!
  2. Old Navy – Old Navy is always there for me when I need a financial break! It has become a rare sighting if they are not advertising a sale! Plus, they always have a large clearance section in the back with clothing up to 90% off!
  3. Texas Thrift – Located by the Northeast Mall in Hurst, I have found this thrift store to always carry better quality clothes in good condition! It is easy to find a designer handbag or in-season department store clothing here!
  4. Marshall’s – If you are in need of some nicer department store clothing for less, choose Marshall’s! They focus their inventory on more upscale clothing that you would normally find at Nordstrom or Dillard’s, but with a better looking price tag!
  5. Dirt Cheap – Listen up. You can find almost anything here for almost pennies. The concept of this store is basically when popular stores such as Target and Kohl’s order too much inventory, or they are selling down seasonal products, they give it to Dirt Cheap to store and sell. I have found so many cute Target clothing items and have never paid more than $5!

Try these stores when you’re out this weekend and be sure to post a picture and tag me on Instagram @gabby.knows! I can’t wait to see your great finds!!

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