Labor Day Weekend Ideas

At the beginning of the week I talked about avoiding Labor Day traffic. So my girl friend asked me what my family planned on doing for the upcoming three day weekend. I realized that we didn’t really have a plan other than to relax. We have a lot of options but we’re just going to wing it! So here are some of the things we have prepared for this holiday weekend.

Game Day/Night: Our household is full of board game enthusiasts. We have countless games and are always on the hunt for more. We have chess, checkers, Monopoly, Scrabble, Pictionary, Candyland, Cranium, Apples to Apples, and so many more. Depending on what my family is feeling, we might spend a whole day playing different games. I’m also considering buying a new game. It has been a while and I’ve had my eye on Settlers of Catan…

Movies: My kids love going to the movies but with ticket prices reaching the two digits, it’s hard to go as often as they would like. Luckily, Groupon is having one of their frequent Studio Movie Grill deals. $5 for a ticket is very doable! So I’ve bought a few and I think I’ll surprise the kids by taking everyone to watch a movie this weekend. I could even kill two birds with one stone and feed them while we watch.

Six Flags/Zoo: Six Flags is now open only on the weekends. We’ve already gotten our money’s worth with our season passes but what’s the harm in going again? I know my kids would love the adrenaline-filled day. We might also go to the Fort Worth Zoo. Like I’ve said before, my friends at FTWCCU are just awesome and provide their members with discount tickets to the zoo. Since I love animals, there’s not much else convincing to be done for a day at the zoo!

Do you have any plans for the Labor Day weekend? Share with me in the comments below.