Last Minute Summer Fun with FTWCCU’s Discount Tickets

It’s the last few weeks of summer and I am in back-to-school mode. On the other hand, my kids are whining and pouting that summer is coming to a close. So I wanted to give them one last hoorah before classes start for the semester. Luckily my friends at Fort Worth Community Credit Union have made this easy for me with their special discount tickets on amusement parks for members like me.

Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor — My kids love going to these parks. Six Flag’s Titan and Hurricane Harbor’s Black Hole have us coming back again and again. Thankfully, FTWCCU has discounts tickets for one-day passes, season passes for Six Flags, and even a combo season pass that gets us into both parks! You can guess which one my family has and it is well worth it with the number of times we go.

NRH2O — Sometimes when we want a break from the long lines at Six Flags, I’ll take the kids to NRH2O.  It’s nice to have a different water park so close in the area that we can alternate too. We’ll take a cooler and I’ll bring a couple of books to read while the kids go crazy on the rides.

Fort Worth Zoo — I love animals and to be honest, my family goes to the zoo more for me than the kids. My favorite exhibits are probably the elephants and the turtles. I could seriously watch them all day long. With FTWCCU’s discounted tickets, I can get my zoo-fix all year round. My kids probably hate that…

Any of these places can take out a whole day for my family because by the time we get home, we are pooped and ready to sleep. I am so thankful to be a member of FTWCCU and to be able to get these discounts!