Summer Activities for Kids Part 2

We’re halfway through summer and my family is already running out of things to do. My kids have been knocking down the activities from my Summer Activities Part 1 blog. So I thought I’d share a couple more ideas for those fast-paced families like mine!


Race cars — Look around the house for all those toy cars and race cars lying around. Gather them for a family race! Using chalk, draw lines on your driveway for a makeshift racetrack. The rest is pretty obvious!

Glow-in-the-dark bowling — For some fun away from the sun (at night).. Grab some empty plastic water bottles. Throw a glow stick in each bottle and set them up as bowling pins. Use bean bags, bouncy balls, or whatever you can find around the house to knock them down!

Homemade bird feeders — All you need are some pinecones, peanut butter, bird seeds, and a piece of string or yarn to hang the feeder. Take the pinecones and smear some peanut butter all over them. After that, roll them around in the bird seeds. Then all you need to do is hang them and watch the birds eat!

Clean up — It’s always fun to help the community when you can. This can be as easy as going to a local park and picking up the trash that is left there. Keeping the environment clean helps out everyone!

What are some things that your family has been doing or are thinking of doing this summer? Share with me in the comments below.