Valentine’s Day Ideas for Dates on a Budget

Whether you want to get out or stay in on Valentine’s Day here are a few unique ideas on a budget.
·         Coffee Shop Date– Sometimes getting out of the house and in a different environment can be very relaxing. You and your sweetheart can separate yourself from the daily hustle and bustle and spend time catching up. Putting yourself in a new environment and relaxing can sometimes have the effect of a mini-vacation!
·         Be a Local Tourist– There are plenty of places to visit in any city or state. Take time to research how you can do this and go enjoy some local sites. Sometimes we get so busy with our daily lives that we forget to visit the tourist places of our own cities.
·         Cook Together– Pick a recipe you will both enjoy and hit the grocery store! Spending the quality time together cooking and working together is good for any relationship. This will also allow you to have a nice and quiet sit down meal together.
·         Break Out the Crayons– The simplicity of cards should never be over looked. A card means more than words can say. Another idea is to make a candy poster. One example is I hope you don’t think I am a NERD and SNICKER at me for making this poster. They are dorky but can be fun!
·         Photo Album Surprise! – Make a photo album of old pictures of the two of you. Go back as far as you want and include friends and family. This will be a nice surprise on Valentine’s Day. You can make these by visiting a local craft store to buy a book and supplies or you can create your album online at several different sites (like Walgreen’s or Shutterfly) and have them sent to your home. The thoughtful gifts are always the best!
·         Quality Time Together– If the weather allows, take a walk together.  Walking is good for the body and mind. Making time to do things like this is a challenge if your daily life is busy. So, choose Valentine’s Day to spend quality time together.
·         Do a Chore– Help out around the house and do things you many not normally do. The gesture means more than any gift you could buy.
·         Plan a Picnic– Make some of your favorite foods and take it to the park. You can even take some meat and grill burgers once you arrive. Lay out a blanket and enjoy some time outside together.
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