Valentine’s Day Party Ideas for Kids

If you’re hosting a kids’ party at home or helping with one at school make your party a breeze with these Valentine’s Day party ideas.

·         Valentine Bingo– Make your own heart shaped cards out of construction paper. Use Red Hots or heart candies as markers and make a brown bag with a heart on it to use as the calling bag. This bingo is a simple way to add a spin to an ordinary game. The kids will love it!
·         Valentine Boxes– Have a shoe box for each child. Have the children decorate their boxes with stickers and whatever supplies you would like. Then give the children paper valentines that they can decorate and put in one another’s boxes.
·         Valentine Box Contest– After the children have decorated their boxes, have the children vote on the funniest, prettiest, most creative, etc.
·         Pin the Heart on Cupid– Make a cupid and several hearts out of paper. You can then post the cupid on the wall. Have the children blindfold one another and spin before trying to place the heart on the arrow.
·         Love Thy Neighbor– Set a timer and have the children write everything they love about the person sitting to their right. Suggest that they write things about how the person acts, plays, works. Then have them give the paper to the person to their right.
·         Red Envelope– Give each child a red envelop and a piece of paper. Have them right a letter to a member of their family or a friend that shows their love and gratitude for that person.
·         Valentine Coupons– Give each child five pieces of cardstock and other Valentine embellishments to make coupons for their family and friends. These can say “good for one hug” or “I will take out the garbage”, etc.
·         How Many Hershey Kisses– Fill a jar with chocolate Hershey Kisses. Have each child write their name on a small piece of paper and guess how many Hershey Kisses are in the jar. Give the winner a heart sucker and divide the Hershey Kisses among the children.
·         Find Your Partner– Cut hearts out of construction paper. After you have several hearts cut them in half using different edges so they all look different. Make sure they are different enough that the children will not be confused when they try to match them up. Give each child half of a heart and have them stand up and find their partner who holds the other half of their heart.

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