How Are You Spending Your Valentine’s Day?

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Aah…the first month of 2013 is almost over. Have you been keeping up with your New Year’s Resolutions? Many of my friends are already slowly forgetting about theirs, but I am trying to remind them and keep us motivated. Having a buddy to remind you of your resolutions and helping you keep up with them is pretty essential. It will help motivate you to continue onto your goals.

Speaking of having someone (whether family, friend or significant other)…Valentine/Single-Awareness Day is almost here! Yay! The chocolates and sweets going sale sounds marvelous wouldn’t you agree?

I usually celebrate it with my friends and family, by having a nice candle-light dinner followed by a nice movie night. Who says you can’t spend Valentine’s Day like a family and friends day? Any holiday is a great time to spend it with everyone you love. How will you spend your Valentine’s Day this year? (Don’t forget the sales the day after Valentine’s Day!)

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