Teaching Kids To Be Gracious

The hustle and bustle is in full swing at my house. I like to emphasize to the young people in my life, how to be gracious especially during this time of the year. I decided to do some searching on fun ways to show them what being gracious really is. I compiled this list:

Food bank/ soup kitchen: This time of year is when good banks and soup kitchens get really swamped. Lend a helping hand, whether it’s donating food or actually volunteering your time. Somebody out there will appreciate your help.

Animal shelter: Don’t forget about our furry counterparts! Bringing a little love into a homeless animal’s life will brighten yours too.The most difficult part will be not trying to take them all home.

Donate items: Clean out your house and see if there is anything that you and your family don’t need/want. Donate these items to families that are less fortunate.This is also a good time to help your children appreciate what they have.

Toy drive: I let my little ones pick out anything they want (within our budget, of course!) and have them put it in the donation box.  Giving them ownership of the donation seems to go farther in their understanding then just picking something up and having them in the car when the item is being dropped off. Plus we get to make a child’s Christmas brighter.

These are only a few ideas I came up with. I would love to hear what you do to teach the young ones in your life how to be thankful and generous to with others. Post your suggestions below or send me a message on Facebook or Twitter.

Happy Holidays, everyone!