Creative Ideas for Celebrating July 4th

Well, ladies, summer is here (can’t you feel it?) And our main goal is to stay cool and have fun.  Not only can you have fun making your own goodies but the savings are worth it.  Below are some of our favorite goodies for this time of year.

Homemade Ice Cream: Use this season fresh fruit any type of ice cream your heart desires.  Or try Watermelon Lime Sorbet (source Pinterest).

Frozen Treats:  What better way to get the family involved then to have a popsicle party?
Pinterest is filled with frozen treat goodness right now. Here are a few of our favorites
Pure Fruit Icecubes (source Pinterest)
Firecracker Ice Pops (source Martha Stewart)
Frozen Banana Bites (source Pinterest)

No Bake Treats: No heating up the house with the over?  Count me in! Try these no bake cookies, watermelon stars, or marshmallow pops. Try freezing pudding to make pudding pops — the only limit in flavors is your imagination!

Looking for more inspiration? Check out my Pinterest board. Staying cool when it’s over 100 degrees outside isn’t always easy. But finding a creative way to stay cool on a budget is worth it.

Hope you have a cool and safe July 4th holiday!