Budget Friendly Family Vacation

It’s family vacation time! And if you’re family is like mine, vacations are a huge event. Not only does the entire family look forward to the adventures that await them. Vacations can be fun and budget friendly because planning ahead and taking advantage of deals is worth the time.

The earlier you start saving the better and be sure to include passport expenses, if you’re making a trip outside of the US. Below are a few things to add to your vacation check list.

Plan Ahead: Make a wish list of locations your family wants to visit. Be sure to give all family members the opportunity to pick their dream destination. Check out places that are considered off season. Some of the best deals can be found for places struggling to fill their location with visitors.

Transportation: Plan out how you would get there (plane, train, or automobile) and map out your route. Be sure to factor in hotels and gas if driving, the extra expenses for flying and the extra time it takes to ride a train.

Coupons: Join one (or two or three!) of the coupon sites offering discounted travel. Make sure to set up a profile- if available – to maximize the offers you receive for the travel you’re interested in.
AA Vacation

Family Fun: If you’re going to visit an adventure park, concerts, or the zoo make sure to check on alternative locations for buying entrance tickets. Some grocery stores and businesses sell discounted tickets making the visit budget friendly. (For example: FTWCCU sells discount tickets to local adventure parks.)

Vacations can be expensive, but planning ahead and sticking to a budget makes the experience more enjoyable. After all, vacations are meant to be relaxing and to spend quality time with your family.