Road Trip Ideas for Kids

Summer travels can be costly, especially with the airline tickets being so expensive. An alternative for flying is driving. It’s cheaper and you’ll have a blast with your family. Road trips allow you to see the wonderful landscape of Texas (or any state). You can also stop at anytime to snap a few family photos for memories. But sometimes it can be a challenge to keep the “are we there yet?” question at bay when traveling with the kids. 


Games are one of the best ways to keep the kiddos busy! You can find lots of free printable game boards online – like car bingo or the license plate game. Easy counting games work, too; whether its cows or road signs make it into a simple and fun game. Create a simple points system to make it more interesting. Or make it creative and when you spot animals instead of saying the name make the animal noise. The kids get a kick out of moms and dads making animal sounds, too. (Source: MomsMiniVan)

Car crafts can be fun and a good use of time. A roll of foil can be a frugal way for the kids to show their creativity, by making crowns, armor or even animal shapes. Add in some colored pipe cleaners and the infinite creativity begins! A road trip journal is another way to create memories for the kids – by documenting the things they see along the way. But with the Texas heat maybe you should use map pencils instead of crayons.

Sing a-longs are a great way to keep the whole family entertained on a long drive. Make a playlist of everyone’s favorite songs.

Roadside attractions. Look up neat places to visit at as you travel. Keep the gas station stops for getting gas. Pack a picnic and stop at local parks or historical sites to take breaks and stretch your legs. Plus, they are usually free and who doesn’t like that?!

Quality time with family is an important part of life, so take advantage of the trip and make it into a fun adventure. Creating memories doesn’t have start when you reach your destination, it can start once you get into the car.