Memorial Day Staycation Ideas

Don’t have plans for the holiday weekend? Not to worry! Plan a fun “staycation” to relax and have a great time at home sweet home!

Picnic under the sun – How about throwing a picnic lunch together and take it to the lake, local state park or a new park in your city? If the lake is your destination, be sure to check out its websites for fun rental ideas like parasailing, jet skiing or boating.

Movie marathon – Make your own film festival by seeing four movies in a row at the local multiplex. Or get some rentals, pull the love seat up close, pop the popcorn, relax and enjoy!

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Volunteer – Remember what this holiday is all about and give back your Memorial Day to those who gave so much for you. Spend the day volunteering at the Veteran Affair Hospital or contact a nursing home nearby and ask if they have residents who formerly served. Bring them some patriotic themed lunch or desserts (make sure you run it by the nurses first). It is truly an amazing feeling to bring smiles to people’s faces.

Move to the music – Cities across the country will hold Memorial Day music festivals, street festivals or even a free concert at a local park. Indoors, outdoors, rain or shine. Go take in some live music. Remember to wear your dancing shoes!

Finish a project – If you’ve been looking for time to finish an incomplete project or some landscaping, this is the time to do it. Get the kids involved in painting their room or help getting the garden ready for spring planting. Check out Pinterest for some fun and easy DIY ideas.

Read – Spend an evening catching up on your reading list at a local bookstore or library. Maybe you can even make time to download that new book your friend just told you about.
Swim — If the weather permits, head up to your neighborhood pool and have splash! Check your local sales ads for deals on swimsuits and all the fun gear that goes along with it.

Vacations are meant to help you relax and give you a break from the stress of everyday life. However between packing, making reservations, making sure no one forgets anything and most importantly not losing anyone, the vacation you have planned can become more stressful than anything else. So just spend the day doing what helps you to relax.