Tips for Your Summer Bucket List

School is out and summer is here! Now what are you going to do? Did you make a summer bucket list? A summer bucket list is fun for the whole family. Include activities that everyone will enjoy and remember (plus, when the kids go back to school in the fall they will have something for show and tell). 

Here are a few tips to remember when preparing for those ‘summer-to-remember’ activities:

Plan Ahead:  Plan for what is sure to be a HOT day – take plenty of water, sunscreen, camera, and the cute summer hat you bought on clearance last week. Always remember never leave kids or pets in your car to run in somewhere “just for a minute.”  Instead, have all your essentials packed to make the most of your day — who wants to stop on the way to the lake or park, anyway?  

Looking for Activities: Check out the paper, the internet and the event calendars at the city recreation centers, libraries, YMCA’s or churches for family outings.  Most of these activities are extremely budget-friendly or even free!

Nearest Pool, Please: Because we live in Texas you will need to know where the water is. No pool in your neighborhood?  Check out the city recreation center nearest you and invest in a summer pass for the family.  Much more budget friendly than buying a pool (let alone the upkeep — oye!) and your kids will love it!

Taking time to plan and prepare for your summer activities will make the day seem effortless and worth it! I hope you all have fun checking things off your summer bucket list. And don’t forget to share your adventures with me.