Best Shopping Deal for this Month

The leaves will start changing into beautiful shades of red, orange, and yellow as the temperature gets cooler. Retailers are lowering their prices for last season’s items to make room for this season, so it means great deals for us!

Clothes — Tanks, dresses, shorts, sunglasses, swimsuits and sandals are markdown now to make room for the fall and winter lines. Take advantage of these sales so you don’t have to worry about not having summer clothes for next year. Also, many of these items make excellent layering pieces through the fall and winter.

Summertime items — Summer heat is coming to an end and everything from sunscreen, outdoor equipments, to grills are marked down even more now. Retailers are eager to sell large items, which they do not wish to store and keep inventory. Remember, before loading a cart full of sunscreen or tanning lotions that are on sale, check the expiration date. Sunscreen is made about two years before its expiration date. And once they are expired the ingredients do not work as well as it should be.

Garden — Most people tend to let their yard go a little in the fall and winter time, when it’s actually the best time to save for projects next spring.  Check out your local stores to see where you can get the best deals for your bucks on gardening tools and supplies.

Back-to-school supplies — Majority of people shop for school supplies in August, and now that school is already in session, a lot of retailers are trying to get rid of their inventory — meaning discounts and sales! This is a great opportunity to stock up on school supplies for next year. 

Being able to get the most for your money and still have fun stuff for your family is completely within reach, it just takes a little researching. Good deals are usually available this time of year, so do your homework before going out!