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Life Lessons Learned During COVID-19

We’ve all changed this year. We’ve lived through historic times, and it’s nearly impossible to experience something of this magnitude without it having an impact. Let’s reflect on some life lessons we can learn from our living under lockdown.

There’s not much in life that is truly essential

When federal and state governments mandated that all non-essential businesses close their physical stores, many of us realized there are few things in life that are actually essential. The raging pandemic turned reality upside down. Suddenly, that weekly manicure or Friday night sports bar outing we thought we couldn’t live without seemed frivolous and unnecessary.
We quickly learned what is truly important in life: Family. Friends. Health. Happiness. Everything else is secondary.
Now that most businesses are reopening, we can use the opportunity the lockdown presented to reevaluate the things in life that we call necessities, wants and needs.

There’s wonder in everything

When daily rituals and routines we’ve always taken for granted are disrupted for a prolonged period of time, it lends a new sense of appreciation for the small things in life, such as sending kids to school, hugging parents, going to work, eating out, weddings and so much more. Let’s not lose the sense of wonder this surreal time lent to the everyday blessings of life or take for granted the important work of teachers, nurses and those who work in service industries.

Nothing compares to an in-person interaction

At first glance, the lockdown was the introvert’s dream. There was no longer an antisocial element with missing out on various events, and you could even attend a black-tie affair in your sweatpants; all you needed was a nice-looking top and a Zoom link.

But the lockdown was also one of the loneliest times for many people. It highlighted the universal need for social interaction. And when it was over, as people began having in-person visits with family and friends again, there was a newfound appreciation for face-to-face interactions previously lost in a social world gone virtual.

Let’s not forget that initial excitement at seeing our family and friends in person again after months exclusively of virtual visits. We can hold onto the lessons learned while in lockdown by resolving to be fully present when spending time with those we love.

We are stronger than we know

The first week of lockdown brought many of us to the edge of panic. It all seemed impossible, and many of us wondered if we’d make it past that first interminable day. When day one passed, we realized we hadn’t lost it — well, not completely anyway. Another day went by, and then a week, and somehow, we were doing it. We were rolling with these strange new circumstances without falling apart. And many of us were even thriving under the newer, relaxed routine. We were riding out the lockdown like champions!

Let’s not forget what the lockdown taught us about our own resilience, strength and courage.
Your Turn: What lessons have you learned while living under lockdown? Share them with us in the comments.

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