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Celebrate National Hobby Month

In January many Americans recognize National Hobby Month by celebrating their favorite hobbies or taking the opportunity to try new ones.  This celebration fits in well with one of my New Year’s goals to increase my savings, because so many of my hobbies are free, yes you read that correctly, free.  Hobbies ranging from outdoor activities like hiking to taking on DIY project indoors, I have created a list of hobbies that either I already love or hobbies that I will try out.  And best of all, I can enjoy all of these without spending a single dime.

Keep it Indoors 

  • Have a movie/Netflix day
  • Host a board game night
  • Plan out your budget for the month (fav)
  • Clear out the clutter in your home
  • Workout
  • Yoga
  • Read a Book
  • Pin on Pinterest
  • Declutter your phone
  • Donate unwanted items
  • Build a fort
  • Paint your nails
  • Bake

Enjoy the Outside 

  • Go for a walk
  • Hiking
  • Visit the library
  • Have a park picnic
  • Volunteer
  • Go to the beach
  • Visit museums
  • Go fishing
  • Explore your city
  • Free music concerts
  • Open houses

Get Creative 

  • DIY Project (fav)
  • Create a blog
  • Practice photography
  • Sing
  • Practice an instrument
  • Start a garden

I would love to hear your favorite hobbies and how you plan on celebrating National Hobby Month.

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