Let’s Have a Family Night

Last week (week 3)’s lucky winner is…Melissa! 

Living in Texas with its unpredictable weather, a gal really learns how to be prepared for the unexpected. Extra clothes and blankets in the car, long sheltered-life food in the pantry, and candles and firewood, as well as activities to keep the family busy indoors.

I like to browse Half Price Books since they have books, movies, CDs, board games, etc. available for all ages at a decent price! Pair that with a coupon and you got yourself a pretty sweet deal. Retailers tend to send out coupons around holidays (any holidays), including President’s Day. I got a 20% off my entire purchase coupon from Half Price, which I used to get some books for myself, some DVDs for the family, and a couple of board games for a bargain price!

Sometimes, instead of buying DVDs, I’ll rent from a nearby Redbox and have it at home for those spontaneous family movie nights. Going to the movies is great, but paying full price for a whole family isn’t very budget friendly. I love catching those dollar movie nights after a movie has been out for awhile. Last year, I got to see The Great Gatsby in theatres with my family for just a buck each. I love the book and after watching the movie, I had to read the book all over again just to relive it.

It doesn’t take much to have a family night. Sometimes staying in for a movie and popcorn night with your family can make any situation seem enjoyable (especially if the weather is unpleasant outside).

Last question for Valentine’s Day Contest is…What is the most romantic movie you watched last year?

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