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5 things that happen when you give back

My friends and I at Fort Worth Community Credit Union will be accepting donations for school supplies thisweek. You don’t even have to be a member to donate. You can just go to a branch near you and drop off your school supplies and they’ll donate it to a local elementary school. The coolest part is that the credit union is matching every donation they receive! For the longest time, I didn’t really give back. I was on a super tight budget and a busy schedule and it was difficult to find the time and money to give back. But now I’ve learned that it’s totally worth it. Even the smallest contribution can impact someone in a big way. So regardless of whether you bring in a package of pencils or a case of notebooks, you’re making a difference. And you know what I’ve noticed? Things change when you start to give back. Here are five things that inevitably happen when you donate or volunteer.

  1. You feel good. Studies show that people who donate and volunteer for charitable causes are happier and even feel healthier.
  2. You meet people. Whether you’re making a donation or volunteering at a food drive, you’ll meet people you otherwise wouldn’t have. Who knows? You might make a really good friend.
  3. You gain a new perspective. A lot of times we get so caught up in our own personal lives that we forget there are others who aren’t as fortunate. Be glad that you can’t afford those new heels or that designer bag this paycheck. There are others who can’t afford shoes or even school supplies.
  4.  You set an example. If you have kids, or even nieces and nephews, you know that you have a good amount of influence on them. Show them that they can give back too and help others who are in need. Explain why you’re giving back and who it’s helping.
  5. Most importantly, you impact lives. If that’s not reason enough, then I don’t know what is. 

So get out there and give back, you won’t regret it.