Access Your Last Minute Summer Vacation

Is it me, or did this summer pass in a flash? With a month left before the kids are back in school, and two months left in the summer season, there’s still time for you to invest in traveling with an Access Line of Credit! Make it a family affair or send the kiddos to the grandparents’ house so you and your husband can get away.

An Access Line of What? Credit—it’s a credit card without the piece of plastic that gets stolen or lost. It’s an open-ended loan with a limit. Pay back what’s used with interest. Apply for the line of credit at Fort Worth Community Credit Union; The highest limit available is $20,000, but you don’t have to go that high. Use it as you need it. Transfer funds into your checking account (to use on your debit card), or transfer funds into your savings (to withdraw cash from an ATM), or visit a branch to withdraw cash.

Why Use This for Vacations? Most Americans don’t have the cash on hand to take a vacation, but—within reason—that doesn’t mean you can’t see the world! Start off with a modest limit; you can do many things with $500 – $1,000 if you’re just supplementing your savings—as Matriarch of your family, the limit is your choice.

For example, my next trip: My Access Line of Credit limit is $2,500.

• Get there: Two round-trip tickets to Portland, Oregon in September: $500 on Alaska Airlines.

Eat: Five days of food on the go for two adults is about $400.00: breakfast: $10, lunch: $30, and dinner: $40.

See the sights: There will be hiking, so we need proper gear—about $400 accomplishes this.

Rest: Our friend is hosting us in her guest room. This saves around $600 in hotel costs! If you don’t have a friend with spare room, then choose a moderate hotel. While vacationing, you’ll hardly spend time in the actual hotel.

This leaves about $1,200 to spend. If we had to pay for a hotel, then that would leave about $600. Gabby knows it’s not wise to spend everything that’s available. Remember, this isn’t cash; it’s CREDIT and has to be repaid. However, this line of credit allows access to money so I’ll be prepared to treat myself (and my husband) in September, and pay it back in time to use some funds again for holiday shopping or winter family vacations!

Open yours to get access to a last minute summer vacation and the joys that accompany it: experiences, souvenirs, and a budget-friendly Access Line of Credit to help you and your family’s travel dreams come true.

Visit to learn more. Or visit a branch near you!

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