Spring Break Staycation Ideas for Kids

If you are like most, you are trying to save money these days by coupon clipping, eating out less and putting off those big ticket items. This also means that this year you simply can’t afford to fly away for spring break. GOOD NEWS! You and the kids can still enjoy the much needed time off while at home. It’s called a staycation, and I’ve got some fun ideas for you.

Take me out to the ballgame day – It is true that major league baseball tickets can be sky high, but what you may not know is that your local minor league club has great prices. Along with fun entertainment and talent, the player’s all seem to be a little more active with the crowd too! Enjoy a hotdog while you are there. Most facilities will allow you to bring your own beverages, thus saving you more.

Swim day – Maybe you aren’t headed to a sandy beach this year, but a swim day is still possible. If your weather allows in your region, get out in the sun and relax while the kids splash! If your location doesn’t allow for warm water and sun, consider a night at a local hotel. Book a room where they have an indoor heated pool. Search online for weekday specials and last minute savings. It will be a fun getaway from the “at home routine.” Stop by the dollar or discount store for pool toys to add excitement to the pool time. Pack up a few board games or books for down time in the room, be sure to stay where they offer complimentary breakfast too — kids love having choices.

Tourist day – Yes a tourist day! Become a tourist in your own home town or neighboring town. Jump on the web and search for things to do in the city of your choice. You might be quite surprised about what has been hiding right under your own nose. There’s history in every town and the best way to keep the kids in a learning mode is by disguising it as a fun day out! Be sure to take your camera along and snap pictures of your adventure.

New skill day – Learn a new skill by visiting a local home building supply or craft store. Check for a schedule of workshops for you and the children (it’s usually free or for a minimal fee). This is a great way to spend quality time together while you learn something new. 

Park day – If you visit a park often, then choose a new park today. If the new park is close enough, ride your bikes there. Take your time exploring the trails in the park and feed the birds. Once you’ve found a nice place to rest, pull out your packed picnic, the Frisbee, football, kite and whatever else you brought. This is an inexpensive way to be active and spend quality time together.

To add creativity to your plans, write down all the days’ ideas on paper, place in a jar and have each family member pick a weekdays, then draw out the theme day. Now you have the whole week planned!