DIY Home Projects with Kids

That time of the year is fast approaching — spring break followed quickly by those long, hot summer months. Having a difficult time deciding what to do with the kids? Me too! With a family, finding budget friendly activities can be a challenge. With so many “honey do’s” to get done, I decided to get the entire family involved in some of my projects.


Create some “floating” shelves. For very little money, we created some fantastic shelves for the bathroom to hold all those little items you need but can’t find the room for. Once the wood was cut and assembled, the kids and I sanded everything down, making sure we all had masks on to prevent allergy attacks from the wood dust! Next, we painted each shelf. Let me tell you, my youngest loved this part! After the shelves were dry, we decided where to put the shelving, and I let the kids put whatever they wanted on them.

Need some artwork to fill those empty frames you have laying around? Don’t spend money on pictures that don’t have any meaning to you; let your little artists fill them with something you’ll cherish forever! Give them some paper, paints, glue, decorations, markers, etc and let them have fun. Not only will this allow them to use their imaginations, you might actually get a couple minutes to yourself! 

DIY sandbox. Do you need more entertainment for the little ones outside? How about creating your own sandbox? Buying a sandbox from somewhere can be costly, but making one out of unconventional items is affordable. First you need to get a large tote with wheels and a lid, a couple bags of sand and some toys. For an added personal touch, let the kids use some of those decorating utensils you purchased for their artwork to decorate the box before pouring the sand in. Once done and the box is in the location the family has decided on add the sand and let the kids use some of their tools to spread the sand around to make it somewhat even. After all the sand is in, let the kids have some fun.

Finding activities that everyone is willing to do can be difficult, and adding a budget to the mix only adds to the stress. But with a little creativity (and patience), do-it-yourself projects can be a memory everyone will be able to cherish (and your pocketbook will appreciate the time off!).