Easter Crafts and Treats

I love spring time – the warm weather, the green grass, and more daylight. I love it all, especially Easter! I think Easter is such a fun holiday for kids, as well as adults. I have plenty of friends who are also excited over Easter crafts and candy.

Fun Easter Crafts and Activities

My friends and I try to think of fun crafts that will brighten up our homes with cute colors and creatures that are associated with Easter. We also try to make them kid friendly so we can get everyone involved.

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One of our crafts are footprint Easter bunnies. This is a great one for the kids! Have paint for the kids to dip their foot in. Then on a piece of paper, make a print of their foot. Then, one by one, they’ll place a footprint in the shape of a V at the top of the circle, to look like bunny ears. Draw a face of a bunny on the heel and you have a homemade bunny face to hang on the fridge or frame for the wall.

Another one of our favorite activities is the annual Easter egg hunt. A fun spin on the usual egg hunt tradition is to place glow bracelets inside the eggs and have the hunt at night.

Making Sweet Easter Treats

Easter Egg Rice Krispies treats are a fun one. Make a batch of Rice Krispies treats, but instead of putting them on a sheet pan or in a dish, scoop portions out and shape them into Easter eggs. It’s also fun to decorate them with icing and sprinkles!

A delicious partner to go with this is a chocolate nest for the eggs. Take crunchy sesame noodles, mix them with melted chocolate, and put it in the bottom of a greased bowl to shape it into a nest. Now you have a cute (and delicious) resting place for your eggs.

My other favorite sweet treat for Easter is chocolate dipped marshmallows. This one is super easy and fun! First, I melt the chocolate in my crock-pot. Then I dip large white marshmallows in the chocolate so that it covers half of the marshmallow. Finally, I roll it in sprinkles and let the chocolate set before serving.

The nice thing about these Easter treats is you buy the same ingredients once, and you can use them for multiple treats. For me, it’s a money saver and I’m always looking for those,  since sweet treats are something I have a hard time saying no to. Hopefully some of these treats and activities will brighten your Easter and make for a fun day!