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3 Ways to Tidy Up Your Finances

One thing’s for certain and that’s that the holidays are underway! The key to a financially successful 2019 is to start in 2018! Here are three ways to tidy up your finances before the new year.

  1. First things first: get organized. At this point, you should have already set a budget for the holidays. A key component to making sure you don’t fall into debt before the New Year is discipline: You know what you plan to spend for the holidays, stick to it! Take full advantage of the sales going on and remember: it reallyis the thought that counts.
  2. Next is initiative! Start working on that debt TODAY. If you read my previous blog, you’ve checked your credit score already. If not, check it out to learn more about checking your score! The earlier on you know about your debt, the sooner you can start cleaning it up. I’d start with the oldest debt owed (especially if it is your highest amount) and pay it off first.
  3. Last but definitely not least, get a head start! Set alerts for your recurring bills like your car payment and rent/mortgage. It’s the end of the year; these dates should be engraved into your brain by now. Get ahead! Set your alerts for paydays make payments biweekly rather than waiting until the due date to worry about them.

The more organized you are when it comes to your finances, the less stressful it’ll be when it comes time to take care of business!

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