Tips for Taking Down Decorations

It’s a shame, isn’t it? All that hard work and it’s already time to bring it back down. It feels like just yesterday that my family and I were decorating the tree and looking at Christmas lights. Time sure does fly this time of year. However — if you’re anything like me – you’d rather get it done sooner than later. Before you know it, Valentine’s Day is coming up and you give up on the idea of ever taking down the tree. So, while you’re still somewhat in the holiday spirit, let’s talk tips!

  • The twelfth night is tomorrow, if you’re superstitious at all. That means Christmas decorations should come down tomorrow night. It’s supposedly unlucky if you take them off the day before or after. I feel like this is a good time to get it done anyway. The holidays just ended but you’ve had a few days to relax.
  • If your neighborhood has a Home Owners Association, you probably don’t have much longer. Our neighborhood gives us until January 15th to take our lights down. Otherwise, I’d leave mine up all year long!
  • When taking down your decorations, invest in a label maker and big plastic tubs, like these! They make everything easier to find and more organized when the time comes next year.A Cultivated Nest
  • Make life easier by using toilet paper tubes to keep lights untangled OR wrapping them around a piece of cardboard. This will save you a ton of time in the long run.
  • Store smaller, more fragile ornaments in egg cartons to avoid breaking them. For bigger oranaments, use small plastic cups to separate them. I found this tip at 

These are just a few tips I’ve learned to love. What are some of your Christmas Hacks when it comes to putting away your decorations?

P.S. Now is a GREAT time to stock up on your holiday decor. Prices are always marked down immediately following the holidays. So take advantage of that, while you’re still in the spirit!