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9 Tips for Owning Cyber Monday

Today’s the day! Another chance to save big and avoid the crowds at actual stores. But before you start your holiday shopping online, you’re going to want to read this!

  1. Be prepared to have longer waits checking out. Cyber Monday is a heavy traffic day for online shopping. Many sites will be slower than usually, so give yourself plenty of time.
  2. Or be kicked off the Internet. You could be kicked off of the site or out of your account so try to get it done quickly.
  3. Make sure the site is legit. Don’t fall victim to identity thieves. Look over the site carefully. Take the time to read over the Privacy Policy.
  4. Have your coupon codes ready, if you need them. The worst online shopping catastrophe is when you’re all ready to check out and you can’t find your coupon codes.
  5. Common sizes and colors go quick. Be quick, otherwise your options will be very limited.
  6. Keep a record of your purchases. And keep an eye on your account statements. Report anything that looks suspicious or fraudulent. Identity thieves love Cyber Monday.
  7. Don’t leave stuff in your cart to check out later. A lot of times, merchants will remove items that have been in your cart for more than a few hours. Move it or lose it!
  8. Watch your shipping dates. Free shipping is always a great deal, unless you won’t get it until after Christmas. Also, know when your packages are scheduled to be delivered. And try to be home for it. Don’t leave packages out on your front porch all day while people know you’re at work.
  9. Use credit. Use the same card for all of these purchases. And if you happen to get some fraudulent activity, at least it’s a credit card and it isn’t directly affecting your checking account.