Food and Love on a Budget

Last week (week 2)’s lucky winner is…Deby! 

In the past you may have spent $25 on chocolates, $50 on flowers and $100 on dinner for two. But rest assured you won’t have to break the bank to keep from breaking your love one’s heart.

Don’t skip celebrating Valentine’s Day because you are pinching pennies. Whether you whip up gourmet meals on a regular basis or lack in kitchen skills, a Valentine’s Day dinner on a budget is possible.

Dining in: Pasta is a popular choice for a romantic dinner. As you may know the bonus to this is pasta is inexpensive and easy to prepare. There are so many pasta sauces available to choose from that will fit everyone’s taste. Add some Italian sausage or grilled chicken, sprinkled with oregano and your entrée is a hit! A light tossed salad & some garlic bread can be bonuses on the side. You may choose to add an inexpensive bottle of wine too.

Before you go shopping ask for their preferences, make a list, and look ahead of time for coupons and price match if possible. Using strategy and initiative will keep you on track.

Sweet tooth: Chocolate and love go hand in hand. This time of year most baking websites are filled with sweet recipes. May I suggest heart shaped brownies, white chocolate truffles or chocolate dipped strawberries are always a hit and require few ingredients (check out Valentine’s Day Treats or my Valentine’s Day board for more ideas). If baking isn’t your specialty, maybe order dessert for two to go from your favorite spot. An easy call ahead will make the dessert choice quick and easy.

Award winning love: Give your Valentine a certificate, such as “Most Beautiful Valentine” or “World’s Greatest Lover” easily found on

Table top: Decorate your table for the occasion. Get a pink or red table cloth from the dollar store and scatter candied hearts. If you have construction paper, cut hearts out with personal love messages written on them. Put two candles in the center and romance is sure to fill the air.

Valentine’s Day does not have to ruin your budget in order for them to be meaningful. Having an affordable night in might just turn out to be one of your favorite memories!

The last day to enter this week’s Valentine’s Day Contest is Sunday, February 16 at 11:59pm CST. The winner will be contacted on Tuesday, February 18.

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