Traveling With Your Fur Baby

Your fur babies make great travel companions. If you are taking your four-legged friend with you on the road, keep these pet-friendly travel tips in mind.

Pet Friendly Hotels: Be sure to ask these questions when you book your hotel.

  • Can you walk your dog on the grounds? 
  • Are there off leash areas nearby? 
  • Can you leave your pet unattended in the room? 
  • Are there convenient dog resources available like vets, supply stores, or groomers?  
  • Ask the hotel if they offer services like dog sitting or a spa to pamper your pup?

Don’t forget to pack for your pet, too. Pack the necessary items that you will need everyday but also remember to pack a few of your pet’s favorite items that provide comfort and remind them of home. And bring extra food in case of an emergency (you never know when your flight might be delayed).

Below is a list of items you will probably need.

  • Leash and safety harness 
  • A new toy (or an old favorite) to help occupy their time
  • Blanket or pillow that they love
  • First aid kit
  • A copy of their shot records

Below are more resources I found on the web.

Transportation Security Administration – If you are flying with your dog, TSA recommends keeping a leash with you while traveling with your pet. While your dog will never be put through an x-ray, the kennel might in which case you’ll be asked to hang on to your pet. Check with your flight provider on current regulations for traveling with your dog by plane. More tips from TSA.

Cesar MillanCesar’s best dog travel tips.

Animal PlanetTop 5 safety tips for traveling with a pet in the car.

American Kennel ClubTraveling with your dog.

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