Throwback Thursday: Back to School Routine

School starts in just a few weeks, so it’s time to find that “daily routine” again! I have found that having a daily routine helps the kids ease back into their school life, and helps my life feel organized and planned (not rushed).

Time — Set your clock forward a few minutes. This can allow you some extra time and sometimes you’ll be early.

Weekly Clothes — Every weekend, prepare five days worth of school clothes for your child to prevent them from having to spend time picking and debating on what to wear each day.

Lunch Plan — Make a weekly meal plan for your child, and prepare it the night before. Packing a lunch allows you to budget and have better control of what your child is eating.

Calendar —Write down all the activities, like field trips or school events, on a calendar placed where the whole family can see. I love using the calendar on my smartphone, too.

Designate Space – Set up a specific area or ‘school corner’ for sports equipment, library books and whatever else that needs your attention.

Important Numbers — Keep contact phone numbers on hand for the school and organizations who are involved with all the extra activities. Just in case you need to contact them at a moment’s notice.

Preparing for back to school can be a tough, but getting your kids ready for school with a daily routine will save time and hopefully you’ll get a hot cup of coffee before you leave the house.

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