Got plastic bags? Me too!

It seems every time I go to the store, I always forget my handy reusable bags and end up with another mountain of plastic bags. Sure, using them for garbage bags is handy, but what else could you possibly use them for? With this in mind, I began a search for reusing some of my bags.

Donate them — Let’s face it, we all end up with more of these plastic monsters than we could possibly ever use.  Take them to a local thrift shop or resale store. The customers there will be thankful for a bag to carry their new goodies in.

Recycle — Bundle them up and take them back to where they came from. Most large stores now have receptacles for dropping off plastic bags once you no longer need them. Last time I did this, the container was nearly overflowing!

In the kitchen — Making bread? Use a bag to store the dough in while it rises. Need to flatten something out when cooking? Forget plastic wrap — put the items inside a bag and bang away!

On vacation — Don’t forget your plastic bags! Perfect for holding dirty clothes or shoes. Add some bags in the bag to cushion fragile items or hold all the brochures and receipts collected during your travels.

Housework — Doing some painting? Line your paint trays, store wet paint brushes, or make some fun designs on your walls. Cleaning out the kitty box? Use bags to haul off the dirty litter to the trashcan waiting outside.

Yard work — Need to scoop the poop? Take a bag out to the yard with you to hold the presents left by your four legged friend. Weeds, tree or bush trimmings, fall leaves or grass can all be gathered inside one of plastic helpers.

Creativity — Make “plarn” by weaving bags together or iron them together to make a “fabric” to make almost anything.

We have the best intentions to limit the use of the plastic bag that seem to multiply no matter how many we use for garbage. Finding creative ways to use them instead of just letting them pile up can be kind of fun. After all, we only have limited room in our pantry or garage for these suckers to live, why not make use of them and get some space back?

Have you done anything creative with your plastic bags?

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