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Making Mondays Better

Holiday weekends are the toughest. You’ve got family in town or maybe you had company over. Don’t put off your work night routine just because it’s the weekend and you’re dreading Monday morning. Here are some of my tips for making Mondays better:

  1. Go to bed earlier than normal on Sundays. I normally go to bed by 11pm, but on Sundays I try to be in bed, winding down at 10:30pm. It gives me a chance to get comfortable and fall asleep on time. Pack lunches and do laundry earlier in the evening so you aren’t up all night trying to be super mom.
  2. Give yourself time to get dressed — I mean really, really dressed. Just because it’s Monday doesn’t give you an excuse to throw on a dirty sweater and wear yesterday’s makeup. Going to bed earlier will help you wake up earlier. Take advantage! I’m telling you, you’ll feel better if you look better.
  3. Go over your schedule; know what your week is going to look like. The first thing I do when I get to work on Monday is glance at my planner (yes, I use a planner). Did I make dinner plans? Does a kid have soccer practice or a dance recital? I’d much rather be reminded of these obligations on Monday morning than 5 minutes before we have to be there.
  4. Treat yourself. Give yourself whatever you need to not be miserable. If you need a double shot latte, get it. If you need a 30 minute nap in your car during your lunch break, take it. Sometimes, that little bit of “good” in your Monday can completely turn your mood around. So seriously, treat yourself, you’re worth it. 
  5. Find a show that airs on Mondays and let it be your guilty pleasure. This might not be the greatest advice, but it works for me! If you have to record it because you’ll be at a PTA meeting, so be it. But give yourself something to look forward to at the end of that dreaded Monday. I just finished watching The Bachelor — don’t judge me — and I will admit that the first Monday without it was hard. But I’ll just have to find another guilty pleasure.


What about you? How do you get through Mondays?