Fun Date Nights

Romantic dinner under a candle light with beautiful live music playing in the background – sounds so romantic and wonderful! But not every girl has the budget and time for all of that. However, we can create our own budget-friendly date nights anytime!

Picture Time: Go to random spots in your hometown and take pictures.

Time Capsules: Make a time capsule full of pictures and objects that represent your relationship and then bury it in a park or in your own backyard. Don’t forget to dig it up for a big anniversary for remembrance.

Nature Hike: Find a nice place to hike, find wild flowers and have a picnic.

Dollar Dates: Start with a main dish, then go to the store and give each person $5. Each person chooses something (for a $5 or less) to have with your main dish.

A date doesn’t have to be complicated and pricy; it just needs to be easy, fun, and enjoyable! Find a night and try one, two, or three things from the list. If you have any cheap date ideas, don’t forget to share them with us!