Spice Up Your School Supplies!

If your kids have notebooks and binders from last year that still have blank pages but are a little outdated, follow these tips for DIY school supplies. Makeover old supplies with a cute and unique style that your kids will be proud to show off to their classmates.

Binders: Turn the front of any old binder into a collage of your students’ favorite brands and celebrities. This is a quick and easy way to reduce embarrassment by covering up names of old crushes and outdated boy bands and cartoon characters.

Book Covers: While paper-bag book covers are inexpensive and versatile, try turning up the volume on your kids’ textbooks by using fabric with their favorite prints. Add ribbons or other embellishments to complete the cover. Hot glue will hold it together through locker wear-and-tear.

Pens/Pencils: If you have pencils lying around your house with eraser and graphite intact or pens that are still full of ink, you can cover a stale design with a little decoupage. Some glue and magazine clippings can transform any ordinary writing utensil into a work of art tailored to your kids’ interests and aesthetic.

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Notebooks: Create DIY notebooks by gathering sheets of notebook and computer paper that have only been used on one side. Computer paper is probably the best option since it doesn’t have handwriting imprints. Once you have the paper gathered, take it to a binding center for a cheap and eco-friendly notebook.

Bookmarks: Cut out a rectangle from some foam or cardboard for a simple bookmark. Then, cut packs of sticky notes in half, and attach them along the length of your bookmark. Your kids will be able to read and take notes without marking up their books.

Instead of heading to the nearest store to buy all new school supplies this year, try these DIY tips to rework some of last year’s underutilized materials.