Shopping the Clearance Aisles

Still looking for back-to-school supplies? One option you can consider is looking in the clearance section or the dollar bins. With a keen eye and an open mind, you can find some fabulous deals. 

Below are a few things I like to keep in mind when I’m shopping the clearance section. 

  • Don’t just browse, get in elbow deep!  Some of the best deals are buried at the bottom.
  • More than one section: Some stores have more than one clearance section. Check the specific department for an item on your list.
  • Stay focused. If the deals you’re looking for aren’t there on any given day, simply keep looking. Merchandise can frequently change due to returns or “new” items being sent to a store specifically for mark down.
  • Coupons!  For a better deal, check for rebates and coupons on those items to add more savings. 
Sometimes shopping on a budget can be challenging. Just remember to be patient. Making those dollars stretch requires hard work and commitment to find the best deals. But it will be worth it.