Encouraging Your Kids to Stay Motivated about Learning

Time once again for classrooms, structure and yes, homework — back to school.  Getting creative to find ways to motivate your child to work at their highest level can be difficult. But don’t give-up, keep looking and trying new ideas to motivate them to be better. Researching this topic can and will provide you with some great ideas for helping you kids stay motivated and interested during the school year.  This is what I found when I was tackling the subject:

Encourage your kids to read – with reading a child’s imagination is opened and the world truly has no limits.

Organization — learning is easier when you can focus.  Having everything you need in one place simply makes everyone’s life easier.

Encourage, encourage, encourage — even with the worst grades or most challenging subject there is always something positive you can have your child focus on to build a better feeling from adversity.  If a child knows there is hope, it makes accepting and conquering the challenge achievable.

Find the way your child learns and support their learning style.  Even the most unorthodox learning can pay off huge dividends. Showing interest in exploring other avenues is a win-win for all.

Listen when your child talks. Ask the hard questions and stay involved. Value their opinion — even if you don’t agree.

Going back to school can be tough.  Each new school year brings new classes, new teachers and new friends merging with old. Use every opportunity available to keep your child’s attention on the importance of school, but balance it with positive reinforcement, adventure and fun.  Staying positive makes learning worth it!

Source: 10 Ways to Motivate Your Child to Learn at Scholastic.com