Back to the Basics for School

Fall often means buying a new wardrobe, and looking great is not always cheap. Here are some money-saving tips to help keep you and your kids looking good, while staying within your budget.

Thrifting: Thrift stores are excellent for selecting signature pieces to inspire back-to-school looks. To find the hidden treasures, run your fingers over the clothes until you find a fabric that feel nice. These pieces will likely be the highest quality and will survive the wear and tear of the school year.

Shop Off-Season: If you buy your Spring and Summer items in the Fall and your Fall and Winter looks in the Spring, you’ll never be caught paying full retail price. Stick to classic silhouettes, prints and colors though, so-out-of-season doesn’t become out-of-style.

Tailored to Fit: Expensive clothing usually stands out because it fits so well. There is definitely a difference between the standard small, medium and large and items that are made to flatter. To avoid the look of baggy and loose fitting clothes, have a tailor take in some of your awesome thrift-store finds for you and your family.

Coordinate & Buy Smart: If you have a lot of black and grey in your wardrobe, don’t spend your money on a bunch of clothes that are navy, even if navy is in style. Buy pieces that you can match with things you already own to create new outfits. It’s all about the mix and match!

Look Online: Sign up with your favorite retailers to receive email promotions and coupons. You can find awesome deals online that are not promoted in store locations. Always check out shipping and handling costs before you buy, though. You don’t want to get stuck with outrageous shipping costs just so you can use a 15% off coupon.

Accessorize: Sometimes a thin belt or an ornamented necklace is all you need to spruce up any outfit. We can’t expect our clothes to do all of the work, so it’s important to give the standard t-shirt and jeans a little oomph with accessories found at any thrift store or major retailer.

With these tips, it’s easy to maintain a stable bank account, even when a stable household is out of the question with the chaos of kids going back to school!