Summer Picnic Ideas

It has been beautiful outside, lately. And that calls for a picnic — having a picnic and chatting with friends makes a day special. So, pull out the festive picnic blanket, it’s time to enjoy the summer! Here are some of my favorite picnic ideas:

Strawberry Lemonade: a nice cold drink on a warm day is the perfect treat. Try a refreshing cup of homemade strawberry lemonade with club soda or ginger ale. It’s really easy to make, all you need is some fresh lemonade, add fresh cut strawberries and then add a little club soda or ginger ale for that fizz taste! (More summer drinks via PinterestSparkling Pineapple Ginger Ale or June Bug)

Yogurt Waffle Cones (source Pinterest): sweet and tasty but healthy! All you need is some waffle cones, vanilla yogurt and for topping just add your favorite berries! It’s easy to make and delicious for all ages! Or try Frozen Blueberry Yogurt Snacks (source Pinterest).

Fresh Lunch: homemade sandwich with fresh fruit and a salad. Pack your lunch for a day at the office. When lunchtime arrives, grab your lunch, a picnic blanket and find the nearest park. The only thing missing is a good book or a great friend. More homemade lunch ideas (source Pinterest).

I hope you are able to find time to enjoy a picnic this summer. It’s a great way to change-up the routine without spending extra money!