Foods to Boost Brain Power

Kids are heading back-to-school again, and that means it’s time to start thinking about packing lunches. Waking up each day to assemble a meal with the proper nutrients to keep kids full and focused is no easy task. To ease some of the stress, I have assembled a list of my favorite foods that increase students’ concentration and improve focus:

Chocolate is not only yummy, but also produces endorphin that improve mood and concentration! This is one food you won’t have to beg your kids to eat.

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 All berries are rich in antioxidants -strawberries improve memory recall, blueberries enhance motor skills, and  Berries in the morning will get your kids going on their way to school, and a serving at lunch will keep them moving through all of their classes.

Vegetables promote retention and recall. Getting little ones to eat their broccoli, spinach and brussel sprouts can be a challenge, but they’ll be thankful when they ace their first geography test.

Seeds are perfect for calming kids down at the beginning of the year, when they are nervous about starting new classes. Roasted pumpkin seeds help students relax and sunflower seeds improve cognitive functions.

Tea improves focus and combats mental fatigue. Green tea relaxes and sharpens the brain, while black tea works as a brain enhancer. Who knew tea parties could be so good for you? Bring on the tea!

Beef up lunches to beef up brain power. Red meats are a great source of iron, a mineral that supplies the brain with the oxygen it needs for normal activity. Iron deficiency causes poor concentration, decreased intelligence and slow thinking processes.

Water keeps the brain active and quick, while dehydration reduces the brain’s ability to store information. Make sure you pack some water kiddo’s lunch, and encourage them to drink from the water fountain throughout the day.

These super foods will help students conquer the school year and moms conquer. Healthy bodies and strong minds make for a smooth transition back to school.

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