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Ways To Enjoy A Restful and Relaxing Labor Day Weekend

Are you ready for the long weekend? I am — in fact the whole family could use a few days to just rest and restore. After all the back-to-school buzz and pandemic altering past few months, we need to just unwind. If you are planning one last vacation, take it easy and make it a staycation! Use these helpful and budget friendly ideas to make your time together fun.

Picnic at the park: All kids love going to the park! Packing a few sandwiches and snacks can make a regular day at the park a little more fun for all. Remember to take the kites and water guns, too!

Get back to nature: Taking a bike ride is great exercise. Getting away from the busy streets can ease your mind and really get you back in touch with nature. Look up some local trails and make it an adventure. You can also make it a learning experience by looking up the native wild flowers common to Texas before you go.

Themed meal night: Whether it’s Mexican buffet or Hawaiian luau, dress up the dinner table as well as yourself. Be creative! Use items from your wardrobe to create the outfits to fit the meal!

Get dirty: Remember when you were young and loved getting dirty playing in the yard? Well, who says you can’t still do it! Planting flowers or a few pumpkin seeds (fall is just around the corner) can be very fulfilling as well as spruce up the yard. Kids enjoy seeing things grow.

Field day for the family: Potato sack and relay races are a cheap way to get the family together for some quality time. Friendly competition is always a healthy way to show the kids you still have what it takes to keep up with them!

Movie or game night: Most households have more than one TV now days and can cause separation. If the family has a favorite movie or TV show they like to watch, get everyone together and kick back! Popcorn and pizza will add to the excitement and help drag the teenagers into the fun. Board games are always a good way to get everyone together, too.

A little “me time” never hurts: Last but not least make some time for yourself. Plan a girl’s night in with cocktails or ice cream floats. Or plan a night out for just you and the hubby. A little dinner and dancing is always a good getaway from the everyday hustle and bustle.

The fact is vacation doesn’t have to mean spending a lot of money. There are lots of things you can do with the family or on your own to take your mind off the bills, pets, laundry and 10 other grown up things we have to deal with every day. And let’s face it, all those things will be there waiting for us the next day. So, take some time to enjoy the little things that give us the strength to handle all the other daily tasks.

Have a wonderful and restful Labor Day Weekend!

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