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5 Tips for Getting Better Sleep

I was watching the news during lunch today, and I heard something that really made me think. Studies show single moms are the most sleep deprived people in America.

Go figure.

So anyway, I totally agree with this. I’m, myself, am not a single mom. But I have no doubt that it’s exhausting. I know tons of married moms who are sleep deprived. The single moms are like magic fairies who somehow manage to get it all done. We worship them.

I totally get how women become sleep deprived. I used to be that girl in the office who was constantly yawning. Heck, in college I was the kid who went out and took a nap in my car on my break. But I’ve discovered a few tricks since then.


  1. Turn off technology HOURS before bed. I was the WORST about falling asleep with the TV on. Watching Friends as I fell asleep was just a habit I didn’t intent to break. Except when I found myself clicking ‘Yes’ when Netflix asked if I was still there… at 2am. Another tip: Use the Do Not Disturb option on your phone if you’re too tempted to check a social media notification or text message.
  2. Turn down the heat! (Or turn it up.) One of my biggest pet peeves is waking up because I’m sweating. I’m tossing and turning, kicking blankets off, and finally I have to wake up to go turn the heater down or flip the fan switch on. Figure out your comfort zone and make it a habit. If you share a bed, find a compromise. Get thicker blankets or a bedside fan for one side. Don’t suffer because you’re too hot or too cold to fall asleep.
  3. Get in a routine. Don’t stay up till 2am just because it’s Saturday. Or sleep in all day just because you have the day off. Try to keep your bedtime constant. Don’t cheat yourself, either! Always make time for your recommended 7 hours of sleep. Anytime I stay up a little later than normal, I regret it when I’m waking up the next day.
  4. Relax before bed. Take a bath or read a book. Avoid anything that gets your mind going. Also, don’t watch TV or bring your laptop to bed. It dissociates “bed” and “sleep.” Your bed is for sleeping, not working.
  5. Watch what you eat or drink before bed. Many people think a glass of wine before bed will help you sleep, when actually, alcohol only messes with your sleeping pattern. Avoid hidden caffeine (sweets) and carbs (pasta) before bed. Caffeine will keep you up all night and carbs turn into fat.

These are just a few of my habits I try not to break. I totally recommend it. You’re worth it! We all deserve to look and feel our best every day. The first way to get there is by getting enough sleep. What do you do to help yourself get more sleep?