TBT: Get Organized (and stay that way!)

Is an organized life, home and office attainable? Absolutely! Can it be maintained? With a little know-how, Sure! Let these simple strategies help.

Declutter! Donating items you no longer use to a good charity will help others and de-junk (did I just make up a word?!) your life and mind.

Utilize Lists. Make a list of your priorities, tasks, and goals. Check them off when you’re finished and then celebrate your achievement. (Rinse and repeat.) 

Make a Decision. Getting organized and staying organized will result from your ability to make decisions. A good rule of thumb is to try to touch each thing once and deal with it. Don’t put it in a pile to come back to later, decide what to do about it now!

Give It a Home. Everything in your home deserves its own place. Decide where everything goes and put it away. Consider using a label maker to label the space until you get used to your new system.

Keeping Things Close. Professional organizers refer to storing things at the point of use. Quite simply – put the laundry soap next to the washing machine and the potholders close to the stove.

Use, Return, Reuse. When you’ve finished using an item, return it to where it will be easy to find next time(preferably in its home).


The benefits of organizing your life equals more productivity, better concentration, a greater sense of calm and peace and more time to do the things you really enjoy!