VDay Date

Last Minute Date Ideas (for Valentine’s Day)

Every year February 14th comes around and we are plagued with the question, “What do we want to do this year and how much is this going to cost.” Everything is expensive this time of year and any last minute reservation that you thought you could squeeze in, well just forget about it! Here are three fun, frugal, and flirty date ideas that won’t leave you searching your pockets for a hole. Let the Valentine’s Day festivities begin!

Date 1

A picnic does not have to mean deli sandwiches, Cheetoh® Puffs and juice boxes. Make your dates favorite dish, pack it up securely and snag one of your favorite beverages of choice and out you go. Don’t forget a couple of blankets and pillows to lay back and enjoy the serenity around you. After your meal, go to a lake or pond nearby and feed the ducks. Lastly, one essential item you won’t want to leave behind is the camera. Capture the moment so you’ll never forget it.

Date 2

Whether it’s a new blossoming relationship or a long beautiful story there is just something exciting about the hunt — a scavenger hunt! If you’re hosting Valentine’s Day this year, be creative. Write down on sticky notes places that mean something to both of you that will lead to the next clue and don’t be afraid to spread them throughout town. Ask family and friends for help or inspiration, if needed. This date will surely be exciting and could possibly create new traditions for the future. Once the hunt is complete, end with a dinner or something as simple as a box of chocolates and a sweet kiss.

Date 3

If you are both animal lovers and feeling philanthropic, volunteer at your local animal shelter. Not only are you helping your community but you get to see how your date reacts to a bunch of cute and fluffy (or hairless) loveables. Though some tasks may get messy, team work makes the dream work. Who knows, you both may have found a special place in your hearts to give one a fur-ever home.

Any date ideas you’d like to add to the list? Share them in the comments.