3 Tips for Going to State Fair of Texas

The State Fair of Texas opens up in a couple weeks and my family is already thinking about when to go and what to eat. From Friday, September 26 until Sunday, October 19, you can go enjoy the festivities of the fair. It can be daunting to go without a clue so I wanted to share some tips for a more enjoyable experience!

Buy tickets ahead of time — General admission for the state fair is usually $17 and seniors and kids under 48 inches tall are $13. Kroger sells general admission tickets for $15.50 but do not have senior or child tickets available for purchase. Luckily the fair is doing something new this year with a new digital ticket option via the DART’s GoPass app (for more details, click here). It saves you $2 on any ticket (child, general admission, or senior) and is available from your phone! If you plan on going to the state fair a lot (three or more times), then you should get a season pass for $ $34.95 at Kroger. You can go as many times as you want and you get a free one-day guest ticket and a couple free rides.

Go on a discount day — If you don’t want to purchase your tickets in advance but still would like a discount, you’re in luck! The state fair as many days that you just need to bring something for a discount (Each person will need to bring said item).:
·         McDonald’s usually has coupons next to their cash registers for general admission tickets.
·         On opening day, bring a full 20-oz Dasani water or Coke product to get in for just $6. Drinks will be donated to North Texas Food Bank.
·         Bring an empty Dr. Pepper can on Tuesdays for $5 admission or after 5pm on any week day for $8 admission.
·         Thursdays will allow you to bring an empty 20-oz bottle of a Coke product for $6 admission.
·         KISS-FM has $5 off general admission tickets on their website. Print one for each person in your group!

Things to do — My family usually focus on eating as our day(s) at the fair will be our cheat day! My favorites are the funnel cake, turkey leg, and actually mostly everything. Every year there are new fried foods to try. I can’t wait to try this year’s fried breakfast and fried Sriracha balls! Our second favorite parts are the animal shows and exhibitions. From petting areas to shows to races, we love to watch all the furry animals. There are also free concerts almost every day plus rides and exhibitions. The rides may cost some tickets (you purchase tickets for food and rides) but there are also a couple kids’ sections so the little ones can play! For more details, check the BigTex.com.

My family and I usually map out all the places we want to hit before we actually go. Parking can also be pretty chaotic so we try to take the DART whenever we can. Do you plan on taking your family to the fair this year?