The Presentation of Gifts

The Christmas holiday is almost here. Now it’s time to shop and wrap your gifts. This year let’s get creative and instead of using plain wrapping paper and gift tags, I have a few little ideas that might help save time, money, and a tree or two!

1) Need a box? Look in your pantry. Use your empty food package boxes. Now of course, it goes without saying to make sure and empty out loose crumbs, but definitely recycle these items! And you have several sizes to choose from.

Google Image

 2) Jars. Use jars for cooking edible gifts. You can usually find Mason or Ball jars in 8-12 packs. This is two gifts in one because the receiver can reuse the jar after enjoying your delicious treats!

Google Image

3) Gift tags. Get creative with gift tags by printing out a quick black and white picture of the person your gift is for and use that as your gift tag. You can also reuse pictures from Christmas cards and cut them up as gift tags, too.

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Presentation is important. But there is no need to break the bank for wrapping paper and accessories — recycle and reuse. Your creativity will be noticed. Most of all enjoy the pleasure and happiness of giving!  Happy Holidays!

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