Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Happy Father’s Day to all the wonderful dad’s out there! It’s time to celebrate. Have you decided how you will honor your dad this year? Need some gift ideas? Below are some ideas that I think are worth checking into for your special dad.

Gifts under $100

  • Tom Tom One 125 GPS —a GPS is a great gift for the guy who loves to travel (source Mint).
  • Netflix-Roku — Set Top Device — with the Netflix-Roku device you can access over 12,000 films from
  • the Netflix library at anytime without waiting (source Mint).
  • Napa Valley Shaving Set —this shaving set is made out of hand-made soap from all-natural ingredients (source red Envelope).
  • Barbecue Tool Set —find the right tools that would make him happy — tools for the grill (source red Envelope)

Gifts under $30 (source Good Housekeeping)

  • Cufflinks – a nice accessory for dad to have for those special occasions. They are simple and unique!
  • Road Torq Spotlight — the handy dandy item to have when there is an emergency on the road.
  • Ultimate Fishing Tool —it comes with nine essential features – including a hook remover, serrated knife, bottle opener, scale, and tape measure.

If you need more ideas for your Father’s Day Celebration, check out my Pinterest board.

Gifts can be given in any form as long as you put your heart into it. If a store bought gift isn’t your style, then try making him something delicious to eat for dinner.  Food from the ones that he loves makes the day extra special. And dad’s are worth celebrating.