Keeping Cool on a Budget – Outdoors

How are you keeping cool this summer? I know it’s only June, but in a few days it will be July…then August. So, I’ve been making a list of what to do to stay cool this summer (of course, with my wallet in mind).

First Cool Clothes: Keeping it simple is the key. Remember dark colors attract heat, pick light colors which are more fun anyways! Natural fabrics like cotton, silk and linen are more breathable and will allow better ventilation. Floppy hats and sunglasses are good for keeping your face shaded. And, of course, don’t forget the flip-flops (they’re my favorite summer accessory).

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Keeping Cool by Staying Hydrated: Water, water, and more water! Plus every now and then a fun summer drink like tea and lemonade. Homemade juice popsicles and frozen yogurt tubes are also great ways to keep cool and still get all those good nutrients.

Making a splash: Wading pools and water guns add a cool blast to the heat! Find a shady spot in the yard to put the pool and soak your feet while the kids play. Misting yourself with a spray bottle of cold water works great for an instant cool down effect. Find the nearest neighborhood splash pad for the little ones — don’t forget to take a few friends along, too!

Most Importantly Don’t Forget About Sunscreen: With so many options knowing the facts can save you money. A higher SPF number doesn’t mean double the protection. SPF 15 sunscreen filters out roughly 93% of UVB rays and SPF 30 filters out about 97%. The percentage of protection only increases by 1% after that. SPF only protects against UVB (sun burning rays). To protect against both UVB and UVA rays you need a “broad spectrum” sunscreen. Water-resistant sunscreen can maintain its SPF level for about 40 minutes of water exposure. Water proof protection lasts about 80 minutes. It’s important to reapply when needed and nothing protects 100%. Most sunscreens have a shelf life of 3 years – if you don’t remember when you bought it you might want to toss it. Just stay mindful and remember to find the shade.

They say sunshine is a natural cure for depression. Being smart about it is the key to having fun in the sun! Let me know your favorite tips for keeping cool this summer. I would love to hear from you!