4 Realistic Resolutions for the New Year

Congratulations! We made it to the New Year, and we’ve almost made it through the first week. By this point you’re probably back from your time off of work, and trying to get back into the swing of things. There’s something about having back-to-back short weeks that really drains my motivation to work and to start on those resolutions I made.

Then my inner-procrastinator started thinking, “if I have an entire year to do something, why start now?” That’s a pretty bad foot to start the New Year on, so let’s make these resolutions more realistic. Why not create weekly goals to meet, and then incentivize myself along the way to achieve more? After all, a mountain climber doesn’t look at the peak while climbing; she looks at the next logical step. Here a few realistic resolutions with a plan to reach the goals!

  1. Weight Loss: tumblr_o920ws45qj1slhhf0o1_1280This is typically the number one goal for people every New Year. Many join gyms, only to quit after a few months. Some get on a healthy food kick for a few weeks, and then go back to binging on junk food just in time for football playoffs. Instead, set yourself weekly goals, and adjust the goal as you progress. For example, instead of eating lunch out, meal plan Sunday afternoon and prepare lunch for yourself for the entire week. Allow yourself one reasonable cheat meal and continue for a month. Before you know it, your waistline will be smaller and your checking account balance will be larger. If you have a gym membership, set a goal to exercise four times a week. Ask a friend to meet you and hold each other accountable. Once you’ve hit your first goal, treat yourself with a new outfit, hopefully in a smaller size.
  1. Saving Money: Start the New Year with a new budget. If you didn’t end up with as much in savings as you wanted at the end of last year, sit down and take some time to re-evaluate. Where are you spending money that could be saved? Maybe you have a big expense coming up (a wedding or a big trip) that you know is going to cost more, but you don’t want to save less than you did the year before. Cut out some of that frivolous spending, head down to your closest FTWCCU and open a different savings account specifically for your added expenses. The incentive for saving more? Security and priceless sense of self-pride.
  1. Re-connect with Friends: couple-sunsetWith the growth of different social media, it’s easier than ever to find someone you have become disconnected with over the years. Use that to your advantage and re-kindle an old friendship. Plan to meet a different old friend for dinner or coffee to catch up each month! Maybe some of these old friends are missing pieces to your life—at the very least, you’ll have a good story.
  1. Stop Procrastinating: That’s hard to even type; I personally put the “pro” in procrastination. There is something about waiting until the last minute and then cramming it all in that gives me a sense of accomplishment I just can’t explain. However, I know it’s not the best method to getting things done. Instead, make a to-do list for the week, and break it down. Delegate each day of the week to do a specific item from your list. Sundays are for grocery shopping and meal planning, Mondays can be for laundry, Tuesdays are for finances, and so on. You don’t have to do everything in one day, or something every day; space it out and check things off the list to get that accomplished feeling. Don’t forget to put your self-care tasks on that list too!

Everyone’s resolutions will be different, so stay focused and in your own lane. If you vow to stop this or start that, you eventually have to actually start or stop doing what you said you would. Don’t overthink it, or over-share it with others! There’s no time like today; start toward your goals right now. Best of luck, and Happy New Year.

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